DekTec DTA-2131-SL: Multi-standard VHF/UHF receiver with StreamXpert Lite



  • Supports all constellations and modulation modes for each supported standard in VHF, UHF and L-band.
  • Excellent signal quality through direct digital synthesis of the RF output signal and an on-board ultra-low phase-noise oscillator.
  • Flexible architecture lends itself for advanced modulation schemes, e.g. ATSC 3.0, DVB-S2X, multi-segment ISDB-Tmm, and even 64-MHz DVB-C2 channel bonding.


  • High-end general-purpose test modulator in your R&D lab for developing and qualifying DTV equipment, or for experimentation with new RF modulation schemes.
  • Automatic test equipment (ATE) for tuners, demodulator chips, receivers, TV sets etc.
  • Play-back of arbitrary I/Q sample files that are recorded or pre-computed (e.g. with MATLAB), with a bandwidth up to 72-MHz.