DekTec DTA-2137C-SLP: Dual DVB-S/S2 receiver with StreamXpress, StreamXpert Lite



  • Dual-channel satellite receiver card for PCIe, with two ASI output ports that can be used for monitoring or as independent outputs.
  • Supports for advanced DVB-S2 features, including VCM, MIS (multiple input streams) and GS (Generic Stream).
  • Each channel provides lock status, RF level, modulation type, code rate, SNR/MER, Reed-Solomon error counts (DVB-S only).


  • Multi-purpose DVB-S/S2 receiver for analysis, monitoring and processing of satellite signals.
  • Reception and local redistribution of satellite services using DekTec's MuxXpert software for remultiplexing and table adaptation.
  • Professional satellite receiver that provides a complete transport stream for processing in your custom application.