DekTec DTE-3120: Networked DVB-ASI input (incl. DTE-PWR2)



  • Standalone module can either be used as compact autonomous ASI to IP gateway, or as remote I/O device for PC-based applications
  • Time stamping for monitoring applications
  • Power-over-Ethernet support: No separate power feed required
  • Active loop-through with fail-over relays for input-to-output connection in case of power failure
  • LCD status display shows device identifier, bitrate, IP/MAC address and status


  • Autonomous DVB-ASI to IP gateway
  • With DTE-3100: Tunnelling of ASI signals over LAN, WAN or the Internet
  • Remote DVB-ASI input adapter for server-based analyzers, monitoring applications (Xpect), multiplexers and similar systems