DekTec DTM-3237: OEM DVB-S2 receiver with DVB-ASI output



  • Compact module for receiving a full DVB-S2 or DVB-S transport stream and outputting it as ASI
  • All DVB-S2 modulation types are supported: QPSK, 8PSK, 16/32APSK
  • Reception and forwarding of transport streams or baseband frames (BBFRAMEs)
  • Full LNB support with DiSEqC interface and 500mA power supply
  • Signal quality indicators include lock status, RF level, modulation type, code rate and MER
  • Serial control of the module through USB, I2C or LVTTL


  • Low-cost receiver module for satellite to cable transcoders
  • Monitoring of satellite signal quality
  • In combination with the DTM-3200: DVB-S/S2 to IP conversion

C/C++ Source Code

  • DtmHandler - Use these functions to include a protocol handler in your application
  • DtmCmd - Windows/Linux command line tool for controlling the DTM-3200. DtmCmd is an example of using DtmHandler.